Our Team

Lars Knudsen
General Manager
Direct number: +32 3 535 04 80
Mobile number: +32 473 53 71 79
Adriaan de Leeuw
Managing Director
Direct number: +32 3 535 04 81
Mobile number: +32 473 21 40 16
Joeri De Ridder
Regional Market Manager
Direct number: +32 3 535 04 82
Mobile number: +32 477 94 81 37
Saskia Verbeuren
Financial Manager

Direct number: +32 3 535 04 84
Isabelle Van Dyck
Head of Back office
Direct number: +32 3 535 04 85
Miranda Schoonvliet
Back Office
Direct number: +32 3 535 04 87
Stas Nazyrov
Sales Agent
Direct number: +32 3 535 04 88
Mobile number: +32 486 10 23 37
Katrien Verbist
Quality Manager

Direct number: 0032 3 535 04 83
Timea Baka
Back Office
Direct number: +32 3 535 04 89
Oberto Velázquez Molina
Central America Representative

Alex V. Bravo
Central/South America Representative
Mobile number: +50578247217
Steven Laenen
Sales & Purchase Agent

Direct number: +32 32 489 214
Mobile number: +32 486 41 36 28

About us

With our headquarters based next to the large shipping port of Antwerp, Belgium, we are specialized in the import and export of frozen seafood from around the world. Over the years we have built up a strong network with various processing factories in the Far East and South Ameriac and at the same time established our own offices in several of the major supplying countries to be able to control and guarantee the high quality of our products. Our goods are being shipped either via Antwerp or directly to our customers per full container loads in markets as diverse as the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, USA, China, Vietnam, Australia, Japan and South Korea. We work on a tailor made base fulfilling our customers’ requirements, being everything from processing and packing, logistics to financial support.

What can we do for you?

Our goal is to supply you with products of high quality seafood and offer a smooth and professional cooperation. This we do by working closely together with an extended net of reliable processing factories/partners around the world, and at the same time having our own quality persons based in the main supplying countries.

Shrimp, shrimp shrimp....

Since the very beginning of SOLEA we have been focussed on premium service and supply of quality seafood mainly from the warm waters surrounding the globe. We are especially strong when it comes to sourcing farmed or wild caught shrimp. Over the years SOLEA has set up offices in several supplying countries where the involvement starts by financing of the farming goes through the entire process of production and shipping and ends once the goods have been delivered to you/the customer. At the same time we also have tight setup with our Argentinian partner, who supplies us with at sea frozen Argentinian Red shrimp, which we send on to our processing partner in Spain to guarantee us a top of the notch final product. For shrimp purchases you found the right partner in SOLEA!

Our product range

Our services

• A global network of fully audited and approved supply sources. • Quality assurance teams in Southeast Asia and in South America that provide on-site inspection services. • Procurement specialists located at the source to communicate supply and market information. • A custom built, fully integrated logistics management system that provides on-demand shipment status and ensures optimal replenishment. • Flexible financing options.


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